Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016
Celebrating Christmas at Grandmor & Grandpa Bob's

Monday, February 27, 2017

The View from My Room on the 14th Floor

The view from my room thanks to a wonderful nurse who moved me from the dungeon in back when this room opened up over the weekend. Full size windows on 2 sides with views of Lake Michigan, the Chicago Water Tower and Water Tower Place, and the Museum o Modern Art (respectively in the photos above). It certainly brightens my day to look out and see all that is going on. The weather is so nice I keep expecting some boats to come cruising through the harbor but no such luck. All in all, a wonderful place to be if I have to go through such a lengthy stay.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

An Update for 2017

It has been awhile since I have blogged. Not sure exactly why. I'd  like to say that it has been because I have been living a life apart from being a cancer survivor as many of you know, but also, as many of you also know, I have been challenged by the multiple myeloma and required an ever changing series of treatments to keep it under control. Some required hospital stays with long recuperations followed by maintenance treatments that occurred weekly, bi-weekly, or, if lucky, monthly. Some of those days would require 10-12 hours in the clinic.
I am writing you now because my last series of treatments was not as effective as the doctor would have liked so I am now in the hospital again for a 96-hour (4 day) infusion of an 8 drug cocktail to see if we can knock it back. I am feeling fine now and have a beautiful room which overlooks both Lake Michigan and Michigan Avenue. The view today is gorgeous. Many thanks to my nurse who knew the room was opening up and moved me down here from my room with no view.
The infusion will end Tuesday, but then my counts will fall and the crash begins around the end of the week when fatigue and other side effects will set in. The doctor wants to keep me for at least another week and a half or so until my counts (and my immune system) come back up. That cycle is the most difficult time and I do not look forward to it.
Terri comes to visit everyday and Elizabeth stops by before/after her shifts as she is a transport nurse for Lurie Children's hospital just across the street. I enjoy those times together as well as calls from Andrew checking up on me. Both Andrew and Elizabeth, as well as Katie and Mike, share tales of our grandkids which I love.
I'll try to keep you posted as the days progress. In the meantime, please keep both Terri and me in your prayers and your thoughts. Feel free to share our story with others in your church or social groups. We know how miraculous prayers can be working together. I would love to hear from you via  email or text although I can't always assure you that I will respond especially as my strength fades. Know I will appreciate and enjoy them very much.
As always thanks for your care, love, and support for both of us. It means so much.

Bob and Terri