Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016
Celebrating Christmas at Grandmor & Grandpa Bob's

Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Quick Update

Monday, May 22, I had an early morning visit to the doctor and had the picc line removed. Hooray! No need for additional blood draws from home health care. My immune system is recovering sufficiently. We also discussed next steps which include:
May 31--A short infusion (3 hours) at the clinic to boost my immune system.
June 12--Reimaging of my entire body to determine the success of the 2 18-day treatments.

So it's MORE time of sitting on pins and needles (or walking the tightrope) until Terri and I know where I stand. Overall, I feel good except for the fatigue, so I am taking that as a positive sign. Please pray with us that it is so.
Monday was ALSO our 41st wedding anniversary so we had the opportunity to go out to brunch downtown. Back home our kids surprised us with the delivery of a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Terri and I celebrated again later in the day with dinner at Hackney's, a long-time favorite in Glenview. We ordered a small brick of onion rings. I had split pea soup, French fried shrimp, homemade fries, and coleslaw. We split homemade peach pie a la mode. It was all delicious. Ambitious on my part, but it was our anniversary! I was able to eat it ALL with no ill effects of any kind. Hallelujah!

Heading to Michigan for Memorial Day weekend. Can't wait.

Friday, May 19, 2017

I'm Home

Celebrating at DQ

Hooray!! The doctor released me yesterday (Thursday) after my blood cell counts recovered enough to go home. So happy to leave after 17 days of passing the time in my room except for occasional walks around the corridors. It was such a beautiful day in Chicago, too, warm and sunny. Terri had the joyful idea to stop at Dairy Queen for chocolate dipped cones on the way home. No better way to celebrate.
I still have a picc-line in so that the home health care nurse can do blood draws over the next couple weeks to see that my counts continue to improve. I will see the doctor on Monday as we begin to put together next steps in my care. It will be awhile before we know exactly how successful this treatment is, but, overall, I am feeling well. No major aches, pains, or complaints. In the meantime, I am just enjoying being at home with the freedom to roam around the house and check the out of doors even if the weather took a nasty turn for the worse overnight becoming unseasonably cold, windy, and rainy.
Thank you to everyone for your good wishes, great ideas to pass the time--audiobook apps, online scrabble, podcasts, puzzles, Legos, a great new historical thriller, and more--and your prayers.
My Lego creation
It goes without saying that Terri's daily visits (with delicious homemade lunches) are what pulled me through. I think she logged almost 500 miles in travel time alone. Nice to be able to spend that time together at home now. I'll keep you posted as things happen. Your continued prayers for positive results are, as always, so welcome and so powerful.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Infusion Complete

Quality Family Time at the Hospital

Yesterday (Sunday) was a special day--I parted ways with my IV pole. The infusion was complete! What a delight after pulling it around for 4 days. Now I just need to wait and let the chemo do it's thing. My immune system will crash and then rebuild itself over the next week and a half. A period of waiting on my part with some lows and highs in how I feel. I am hoping more highs than lows but whatever it takes to get to the end with the hopes that it is successful in controlling the lesions in my bones.
It was a wonderful weekend as Andrew flew down from Minnesota to spend some time with Terri and me in the hospital. And Elizabeth was able to come over from her job as a transport nurse at Lurie's Children's Hospital so we could all be together for some quality family time as of old. What fun!

Friday, May 5, 2017

A New Room

Two days down, two days to go for the chemo infusion! It shoud finish up sometime on Sunday. Then it will be time for the crash of my immune system and its recovery--about another 14 days of waiting time until it has stabilized and I can leave the hospital.

 Everything is proceeding as normal except I was moved to another room, due to hospital policy. Same view just a lot more constricted. One plus is that the smaller room is much more functional when I am hooked up to the IV pole. Much less  unplugging of the cord and tying up the lines to get something I need. But I do miss the windows, the sunlight, and the broader view they provide. Otherwise no side effects yet from the chemo, appetite good, sleeping well, medical staff excellent.

Son Andrew is arriving today from Minnesota for the weekend and daughter Elizabeth stops by before and/or after work as a transport nurse at Lurie's Children's Hospital next door. It's always good to see them! Both bring gifts from the grandkids which is always fun and heartwarming, too. And, of course, I am always glad to see Terri who comes down each day to see me, play gin rummy or solitaire, and share some meals together. Their support and yours are what keep me pushing forward each day to get to a place where I can enjoy a relatively normal life again. Even though I don't have a chance to respond to your replies and good wishes (a lot goes on in a hospital day with many people in and out), I do enjoy getting them. Please don't hesitate to respond.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Day 1 May 3, 2017

Getting ready to go another round

Terri, my companion on this journey
Just wanted to let you know where things stand as far as my treatments go. As you may recall, the doctor was happy enough with the results of the last infusion in March that he recommended a 2nd round to see if we could really get the multiple myeloma under control. I was supposed to reenter the hospital on April 25, but because I came down with an upper respiratory infection, it was delayed until yesterday, May 2. All went smoothly with the preliminary procedures and I began the 4-day (96 hour) infusion just a short time ago. As before, I will remain in the hospital after the infusion ends while my immune system rebuilds itself --approximately another 2 weeks or so.
I am lucky enough to have another corner room with a beautiful view of the surrounding neighborhood, although without the iconic landmarks of the last room. This time my room looks  to the east and south of the hospital, but my view of the lake is obstructed by a number of buildings. I can just see the horizon above the tops of the buildings. But there is more activity in this part of the neighborhood to keep me occupied, including the construction of a new high rise just down the street. And everything looks sparkling on a sunny morning--something we have not seen for awhile here in Chicago.
Thanks to those of you who sent ideas on how to pass the time. They all look quite interesting and I hope to explore them as the days go by if my stamina holds. And thanks to all of you for your encouragement--in thought, word, and deed; in prayers, good wishes, and encouraging words.  Though I have said it many times, I hope it does not get old. Your love and support has uplifted us and gotten us to this point. Terri and I could not have done it without you. I'll keep you posted as the treatment proceeds. Please keep us in your prayers for strength and patience and, in the end, for even  better results in fighting this disease.