Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016
Celebrating Christmas at Grandmor & Grandpa Bob's

Friday, May 19, 2017

I'm Home

Celebrating at DQ

Hooray!! The doctor released me yesterday (Thursday) after my blood cell counts recovered enough to go home. So happy to leave after 17 days of passing the time in my room except for occasional walks around the corridors. It was such a beautiful day in Chicago, too, warm and sunny. Terri had the joyful idea to stop at Dairy Queen for chocolate dipped cones on the way home. No better way to celebrate.
I still have a picc-line in so that the home health care nurse can do blood draws over the next couple weeks to see that my counts continue to improve. I will see the doctor on Monday as we begin to put together next steps in my care. It will be awhile before we know exactly how successful this treatment is, but, overall, I am feeling well. No major aches, pains, or complaints. In the meantime, I am just enjoying being at home with the freedom to roam around the house and check the out of doors even if the weather took a nasty turn for the worse overnight becoming unseasonably cold, windy, and rainy.
Thank you to everyone for your good wishes, great ideas to pass the time--audiobook apps, online scrabble, podcasts, puzzles, Legos, a great new historical thriller, and more--and your prayers.
My Lego creation
It goes without saying that Terri's daily visits (with delicious homemade lunches) are what pulled me through. I think she logged almost 500 miles in travel time alone. Nice to be able to spend that time together at home now. I'll keep you posted as things happen. Your continued prayers for positive results are, as always, so welcome and so powerful.

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  1. Great news! So glad that you're home--and stopping at Dairy Queen was a nice treat. Love your Lego creation!