Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016
Celebrating Christmas at Grandmor & Grandpa Bob's

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anna's 1st Birthday

Had a wonderful time in MN this past weekend celebrating our granddaughter Anna's 1st birthday. It was great to play with her and I think it was the first time she and I really had some time to bond. She definitely knows who Grandpa Bob is--she already had a fondness for Grandmor (Terri). Our son Andrew and his wife Katie had a great party for Anna on Sunday with delicious food and lots of good times. It was fun to see all of the presents she received as many of them reminded me of toys Elizabeth and Andrew used to play with.

Last week was a monumental one for one other reason. Terri finished her last day of school and is now officially retired. We celebrated by dividing up our drive to MN (it was the first time that Terri had driven north) so it could be a more relaxing time when we left on Friday afternoon. Stayed at a nice motel in Tomah, WI called the Cranberry Country Lodge and celebrated by going out to dinner for ribs. Terri has a lot of things on her retirement to do list and is looking forward to tackling them this summer. We're also working so I can do more things independently around the house.

I continue with therapy. Not much change in my condition except that the neuropathy in my hands seems to be accelerating so that I am now dealing with it during the day rather than just at night. The therapists have been great in giving me exercises to do and the doctor has recommended braces to wear at night and additional medications to take (Ugh!). Hopefully I will see a change in that condition in the not too distant future. My feet have shown a little improvement but still have portions with no feeling and lots of numbness. That continues to halt my progress in walking, driving, and similar activities. Please continue to hope and pray that they will show more improvement sooner rather than later.

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