Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016
Celebrating Christmas at Grandmor & Grandpa Bob's

Friday, April 14, 2017

What's Next?

Checking out the MI beach on a beautiful sunny day
Celebrating my birthday with my boys at Red Lobster

Sorry I have not blogged much in recent weeks but there is not much to report as I have been recuperating at home and slowly venturing out as my immune system has improved since I came home on March 12. One of my first times out was to celebrate my 66th birthday on March 29th. Oldest grandson Drew (in the background above) was sure we were going to Red Lobster because Grandpa knows "that's my favorite restaurant" so off we went. My birthday was, in fact, quite memorable because it also included homemade waffles from Terri for breakfast, a Subway lunch brought in by brother Dave, birthday calls from my siblings, lots of birthday cards filled with good wishes, and a chance to Skype with our son and granddaughters in Minnesota. What a grand day.

Terri and I also had a chance to drive up to our stuga in Michigan for a little R&R. It was great to get away and enjoy the outdoors as you can see above. Unfortunately we were having some issues at the house and, in the course of checking out the sump pump in the crawl space, I fell down the stairs and fractured one rib in my back. Nothing to do for it but to let it heal, but the pain hasn't helped my recovery. I move quite gingerly these days, but the pain is slowly lessening.

Right now, I am at a Yay...Boo time in my life, as Sister Sue says. After visiting my doctor, I had an MRI done of my pelvis as an indicator of how effective the treatment was overall. It showed that, while not a complete remission, it had shrunk the lesions and no new ones appeared. That is definitely a Yay event. The Boo event is that the doctor wants me to enter the hospital shortly to run the treatment again (all 18 days of it) to see if we can improve my condition and perhaps even reach a complete remission. So, while I am enthusiastic about the outcome, I am not real happy about going through the procedure and recovery time. I'll be entering the hospital on April 25. Long hospital stays are definitely monotonous and no fun even if the view from the room is great.

Please keep both Terri and me in your prayers that the results of the 2nd treatment will greatly arrest the development of the multiple myeloma. Pray also for patience and strength for both of us as we go through the process again. (It's hard to fill all those days in the hospital, especially when the fatigue sets in. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!)

Thank you all for your get-well cards, your notes of encouragement and best wishes, and your prayers. Knowing that so many prayers are being offered up for us and receiving both serious and humorous good wishes are so uplifting to both of us and can certainly help to set the tone for those long days.

And for those who are celebrating: A Joyous Easter or a Happy Passover!

As for Terri and me: Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

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