Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016
Celebrating Christmas at Grandmor & Grandpa Bob's

Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year's Update

I apologize for not updating my blog in awhile, but Terri and I have been busy with Advent and Christmas preparations and celebrations which I think is a GOOD thing. It was great to be busy around the house and see it transformed during the holiday season. We did see the doctor a few times during the month and his initial review of the tests from my stem cell transplant indicate that while the multiple myeloma (MM) is unfortunately not in complete remission, it has shown marked improvement. As a result, he does want to start me on a monthly maintenance therapy and a new daily oral medication to help clear it up even more. Terri and I are praying that this change will be keep the MM under control.
Unfortunately, I did come down with a cold/flu which prevented me from beginning the monthly maintenance yet. Twice we had to cancel the treatment over the holiday season. I had had a flu shot earlier and the doctor did put me on tamiflu to clear up the infection. I am better now so we are scheduled to begin the treatment next Friday, January 9, when we will also meet with the doctor to get ALL the results of the tests and know exactly where we stand. We do ask that you continue to pray that the news will be good and that the new therapy and medication will work.
I was fortunate to get permission from the doctor to fly to Minnesota the weekend of December 13-14 for our granddaughter, Greta Margaret Douglass's christening. And we had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with daughter Elizabeth and her family (her son Drew is in the photo in the prior blog entry on Christmas Eve) and with the whole family in the days following Christmas when Andrew and his family came to town from the Twin Cities.
Now it is back to the business at hand of getting this disease in line. Pray that 2015 will bring that good news to us. Thank you for that and for your prayers, good wishes, cards, care and concern for both of us during this past year.

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