Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016
Celebrating Christmas at Grandmor & Grandpa Bob's

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Miracles Do Happen

Our family has certainly witnessed a miracle these last two days. Bob has truly experienced the healing arms of our Lord. We are so grateful!

After twenty days of staying at the Double Tree Hotel, about a block from the hospital, I went home to Park Ridge. I knew it was time to go home on Sunday night when I was at the hotel because it was just making me feel so sad. I knew Bob was getting a little better and for me the hotel meant he was still very critical. Not the case on Sunday night. He was making slow but steady progress. So I checked out of the Double Tree on Monday morning, spent the day with Bob, who now was off sedative drips and becoming a bit more awake. I was feeling hopeful as a friend drove me home. It was sad to come home to an empty house but little Wes was there to greet me. Boy was he happy that I was home. I'm even able to write on the blog again!

I got up early Tuesday to head down to the hospital. As I walked into Bob's room, he was sitting up in his bed with his eyes wide open. Immediately I started talking to him. Now he was just on vent support and 40% oxygen. He couldn't talk because of the trach but he did nod and mouth words. This was very emotional for me so naturally I cried. Bob knows I cry easily. Maybe I'm sad, happy, tired, maybe it's a movie, maybe it's music, who knows, but Bob knows I cry easily. Throughout the day Bob interacted with Elizabeth, Sue and me. He laughed when we told some stories, he smiled when we showed him the latest picture of little Anna and he cried when I read the Lenten devotional to him. It had such meaning for all of us. Bob even rolled his eyes and smirked when brother Wylie was telling a few of his stories. The old Bob was back. Tuesday night I got my best night sleep in 21 days! Miracles do happen!

Today I drove to the hospital and when I reached Bob's room his bed was facing the lake and he was sitting in his bed with the end of the bed down like a chair. The TV was on to a morning news show. I thought he looked great the night before but this morning he looked incredible. I asked him if he wanted his glasses and he mouthed "sure"! He communicated by moving his mouth and head, he wanted to try to write, but that is still too difficult, and the speech therapist gave us a sheet with some words and the alphabet but his fine motor isn't strong enough to point out letters. He did mouth "I want food!" The speech therapist evaluated him today and in a couple days she will do a video of his swallowing to make sure he is safe to eat on his own, without the tube in his nose.

Today the vent was off all day! He just had a trach band that gave him a little oxygen. This evening he was sitting in a chair for two hours!!! The doctors are amazed! When I left to go home, they put him back on the vent with just the smallest amount of support so that he could rest over night and be ready for tomorrow! Miracle do happen and we have seen it! Praise God!


  1. Way to go Douglass family!!!!!!

  2. OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, the power of prayer. I am SOOOOO grateful that the Lord laid His hands on Bob and healed him. God has a perfect plan and on HIS time frame. Happy healing to all of you.

  3. What Great News!
    Sending Lots of Hugs!