Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016
Celebrating Christmas at Grandmor & Grandpa Bob's

Saturday, March 26, 2011

When I came to the hospital on Friday, Bob was very tired. They said he had had a good night sleep. It seemed like he was more tired than he had been all week. I think maybe he was just relaxed now that he was over at Prentice. He had cereal for breakfast, soup and jello for lunch, but this time he ate it all and for dinner he ordered a baked potato and soup and jello. Again he eagerly ate the soup and jello but didn't think the potato was so good. By night time he felt that his energy was coming back.

Physical therapy worked with Bob. He already new the therapists from when he had been at Prentice and they were thrilled to be helping him again. They were impressed that he already could sit at the edge of his bed on his own. So now it was time to try and stand up. Bob did well, but he realized it was a lot harder than he thought. In fact, it really was a BIG deal!! Two times they helped him stand by putting a belt around his middle and then he pivoted his feet to a near by chair. This was a lot of work! He was able to sit in the chair for four hours which was fantastic! He thought it was really comfortable and a great way to spend the day. PROGRESS!!

When I left last night Bob was completing another breathing treatment. Everyone can't believe how well he is doing. These therapists also saw him in the ICU! Bob is able to speak a little over the trach so communication is much easier. He told me he had had a great day. He also said, "When it is easier to speak, I've got a story to tell you!" I'll keep you posted!!!!

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  1. A STORY!!! He needs to write a book!! This would be a motivational book for anyone who had been through trying times. Maybe Terri should write the book. Take care. My love to both of you.