Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

MMRF Featured on the Today Show, Dec. 2

Thought you might be interested in this news:

The MMRF will be featured on NBC’s Today Show this Thursday morning, December 2!
This special segment, which includes Ann Curry’s up-close and personal interview with Founder and CEO, Kathy Giusti, will highlight the powerful progress the MMRF and its partners have made in bringing patients new, life-extending treatments and closing in on a cure. 

Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) is the organization which has made significant advances in the treatment of my disease. Their founder, I believe, is a multiple myeloma survivor. From information I have received, I believe they are on the verge of releasing some advances in the treatment of the disease. Let's hope and pray that that is true.

If you are unable to watch the segment when it is on, I think you should be able to track down the video clip at the Today Show website. I will post that information when it is available.

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