Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Learning About PT

It has been great watching Bob in therapy the last two days. He really is making great progress. They are making braces for his legs that should be ready tomorrow but today they just used his gym shoes and a borrowed brace on one leg and he was able to tell that when he has his own braces, he will have more strength in his legs and feet to help with walking. He walked about twelve steps with the help of the parallel bars and with his therapist, he was able to walk about 7 feet with a walker. I followed close behind with the wheelchair.

Bob really wants to learn how to transfer from his wheelchair to his bed and from his bed to his wheelchair. His therapist showed me how I could help him and we did such a fine job that she wants to video tape us for one of her presentations! He also wants to learn other transfers so he doesn't always have to call his nurse so tomorrow we will work on some other transfers. I'm so happy to help and be apart of Bob's therapy. I'm an extra pair of hands and his therapist is eager to have me involved.

Please continue to pray for strength in Bob's legs, ankles and feet. He so wants to walk on the beach in Michigan this summer.

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