Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mild Pneumonia

Bob has been experiencing cold like symptoms since Saturday. The doctors thought it might be allergies since a cold and an allergy present the same way. Yesterday while checking Bob's lungs they heard a wheezing so they did a chest x-ray. Last night they told us there was something in the lungs and so they are treating him aggressively for a mild pneumonia. He has an IV medication every 6 hours for a week, respiratory treatment twice a day, an inhaler, an expectorant and they will be taking his vitals more often. Bob doesn't have a fever and his white count isn't up and those are usually symptoms of pneumonia. The only thing that he still needs is a small amount of oxygen that they haven't been able to ween off of him. It seems he needs this when he is doing therapy and exerting himself. I guess they felt he should be off it by now and maybe since he isn't, it is because there is this little infection. The doctors want to be on top of this because of his HISTORY!!!

This was a big blow to us last night but we know God is continuing to wrap His healing arms around Robert and he will get over this! The doctors said this shouldn't interfere with Bob's therapy but if he feels he needs a little more rest, he needs to let them know. They told us that hopefully Bob will come home on Good Friday. He was concerned that this mild pneumonia might cause to him to stay longer. The doctors said they didn't know that yet. It all depends on how he responds to all this treatment!

As for therapy, Bob has been flying! He walked 400 steps with his walker with only 1 stop. He has been practicing going up and down four steps, balancing on the parallel bars and while balancing, throwing and catching a ball, (so he'll be ready for little Anna), and exercises to strengthen his hips and thighs. He is a PT star. The therapists love him because he is so motivated and doesn't complain. He asks for more! If he has extra time in his therapy schedule and if the therapists have extra time, they ask Bob if he wants another session! Be careful what you wish for Bob!

So everyone, please continue praying. Pray that this mild pneumonia stays just that, pray for continued strength for Bob's legs and that his endurance continues to improve. Pray that he will be able to come home on Good Friday. He so wants to be back in his own house, his own bed!

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