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Christmas 2016
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard of 2011

Son-in-law Mike helps Bob get settled in Monday night
What a way to begin this major event in our lives. We began on Monday with a doctor's appointment and because Bob wasn't able to check into the hospital until later in the afternoon, they didn't want to begin the chemo until Tuesday morning. So I drove home Monday evening thinking about how I would get down to the hospital on Tuesday morning. Not so much how I would get down but IF I could get home Tuesday. It was major for me just to get comfortable driving down to Northwestern, parking in the garage and then getting around the hospital. Now, a blizzard! I drive cautiously in the snow but I really don't like it one bit. So I made the decision to take the Blue Line (Subway) down to Chicago Ave. and take the bus to Michigan Ave. and then walk over to the hospital. I would spend the night in Bob's room and not worry about having to get home. Now you also need to know that taking the Blue Line and the bus is a bold adventure for me too.

Bob's sister got me to the Cumberland station and now the next thing was to get my ticket with transfer. Again, doing this puts me way out of my comfort zone but I'm never afraid to ask for help. Most people are really wonderful. I asked the attendant how to add money to my card when he told me my card had expired! Who knew!!! So, with his calming words I got on the train and headed downtown feeling pretty relaxed. Now I just had to watch for Chicago Ave. Here is the great thing. A few years ago I did this same trip when I went to meet Bob at his office. So he had written me step-by-step directions which I had saved and they came in very handy. Bob's directions were like GPS directions on paper!!!

Well, I got off at Chicago, worked my way up to Ogden Ave. and Chicago and waited for a bus. Figured out how to put my transfer in and found a seat on a very crowded bus. I had a pretty heavy overnight bag with me so I was glad for the available seat. Being a suburban gal, even riding the bus in the city is taxing for me! I got off at Michigan Ave., walked over to Prentice Hospital and immediately got a cup of coffee. Oh was I relieved and very proud of myself. :)

Bob and I spent a very nice day together. We were both very relaxed and happy to be inside watching and listening to this weather event together.

Early Tuesday evening I decided I wanted to go outside and really experience the blizzard. I walked over to Superior and then over to Michigan. I walked north on Michigan to Walgreens where I purchased some snacks for us. Bob's appetite is wonderful, which is great. As I was heading back to Prentice, the winds were unbelievable. I had to grab onto a street sign so I wouldn't blow on to Superior. As I was doing this a young man was behind me and told me he would grab my arm and help me across the street. What a good Boy Scout! When did I get so old!!!!! He was a new daddy so what a happy conversation we had until we got back into the hospital. People are good.

Bob and I had a quiet evening on his floor. We walked a little and watched out the windows. The lightening was incredible. The sounds of the windows rattling was a little scary but we felt very safe. The nurses brought me bedding, I pulled out the little bed next to the window and when we turned out the lights, I watched outside a little bit. We are on the 15th floor. Finally sleep came and both Bob and I slept pretty well until about 6:00. His nurse came in during the night to do some things but they are so quiet and gentle that sleep is barely disturbed.

We got up at 6:00 and began preparing for the day. I went and got coffee and got locked out of the floor. Again, I had to learn to be a bit bold and look around to figure out how to get back on the floor. The person who sits at the desk wasn't due back in until 7:00 if she was even going to make it. I found a phone number to call on the hospital desk phone and eventually got back to Bob's room. Bob ate a good breakfast and we have taken a couple walks. He has a hydration drip before the stem cell reinfusion at 11:30. Soon they will bring in two bags of his frozen stem cells. There will be a blessing of them and then they will be placed in warm water to defrost right here in his room. It is all so amazing! Then the transplant will begin. It will take about 30 minutes and then more hydration. He is given some medicine to help him relax so he will probably be napping more this afternoon.

I planned to take Monday and Tuesday off of school but when the transplant was delayed until Wednesday I was very lucky that we had a snow day! I'm always just as happy as the kids. In fact, I'm really hoping that we have another one tomorrow, maybe because of the cold 'cause then I'll stay here another night. Remember, now I have to figure out how to go home again! All these new things! Oh my! Doing things the first time is always more difficult for me. We have a wonderful neighbor that is taking care of Wesley. Imagine, volunteering to walk a dog in this weather. Last night she even came over and sat a bit with him just to give him some human companionship. What a great lady. She also has a dog, but her husband will walk him. Thanks for both of these caring people! People are good!

So now Bob and I are going for a little walk. He has to try and venture out of his room four times a day. It doesn't matter how far he walks, just so he exercises a little. It will make his recovery much easier. Then will come the reinfusion. Elizabeth and Michael will be with us for this wonderful event. Thanks be to God. I'll write soon. Bob is a brave man to let his wife write on his wonderful blog!

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  1. what an adventure, Aunt Terri! All of it... from the diagnosis to the El ride! Hang in there!