Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Weekend

Bob and I spent a quiet weekend together at the hospital. Church friends offered to drive me down on Saturday and then pick me up on Sunday. No need to worry about another CTA experience. Also my neighbor agreed to be on top of Wesley's needs. They also brought me dinner when I arrived home on Sunday. People are so kind!

On Saturday Bob and I played a game of Scrabble. I can tell he's not feeling 100% since we put the game away and I was winning! It's good to be there with him so I can encourage the walking and make suggestions for meals. He really has no appetite and today the first mouth sore appeared. I hope he doesn't get too many! He had a little bit of nausea this weekend too but they have great medications that help.

The doctors want Bob to walk outside of his room 3-4 times daily. They don't care how far but so far we are doing 3 to 4 loops 4 times each day. I've also found a stationary bike that looks out at the lake. Great place to make phone calls as well as get a little exercise myself.

When you are in the hospital you are up early. So Sunday morning we enjoyed some Swedish coffee cake that Bob's sister sent us. This triggered Michigan memories with its wonderful cardamum smell. Bob said maybe we can go in a couple weeks. That's Bob, always very optimistic. I sure do hope he's right. We went to church by watching one of the services at St. Olaf but for the rest of the afternoon I did school work and Bob napped.

Most times when you are in the hospital, if you've had a procedure, you hopefully start getting better the next day. With Bob's stem cell transplant, days 7-11 are considered his hardest days. Today, day 4 he is doing ok. His biggest complaint is being tired. The nurses feel he is a low maintenance patient. What will tomorrow bring? We don't know what reactions Bob will have with the chemo as he gets to days 5,6,7,8,9,10, 11 but we do know God will be watching over him. I reminded him that by next Sunday, day 11, each day he will be getting better. :)

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