Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 2, 2011: A rebirth

Today I had my stem cell transplant, or reinfusion of my stem cells, and it was most certainly a powerful experience. After a couple hours of IV hydration, the frozen stem cells were brought into my room in a dry ice container. Vapors poured out of the container as it was opened and the burgundy-colored stem cells removed to be placed in a warm tub of water and defrosted. The hospital chaplain quietly blessed the stem cells as Audrey, my wonderful nurse, held them in her hands over my bed. Then Audrey hung the bag of stem cells on the IV pole to begin the flow into my body. As they did, we all held hands and recited the Lord's Prayer. Audrey mentioned that she had prayed last night for a successful infusion of my stem cells as well, even though I know she had to battle blizzard conditions to get home last night and back to work this morning. The medical profession looks at this procedure as a rebirth and I guess I would have to agree. It was a very moving experience for both Terri and me. From now on, I will celebrate two birthdays, March 29, 1951, and February 2, 2011, as my new life has begun. Praise the Lord!

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