Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016
Celebrating Christmas at Grandmor & Grandpa Bob's

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Like in the chaplains prayer, she prayed for patience for Bob as he waits for healing.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Bob's counts were at their lowest. White cells at <0.1 and another count was too low to count (TLTC). Platelets and red bloods cells very low and today, Sunday he will probably need both transfused. We are waiting patiently for those numbers to start going up. The nurse said hopefully they'll start on Sunday, day 11. Patience is sometimes difficult for Bob. He wants so badly to be feeling good AND going home. I found these words in something I was reading and I felt they were truly meant for us. Those who can see God's hand in everything can best leave everything in God's hand. Patience!

Yesterday, Liz, Mike, Andrew and Katie were down at the hospital with us. It was great to have us all there together. Bob seemed to be feeling a bit better. He enjoyed his day and even started to eat a little bit. (Not much, but more than the days before! ) This was the first day that I could see he was on the road to recovery. It will be small baby steps, and maybe a few steps back but he will get there. After all he is only 11 days into his new life.

I'll go to the hospital today, Sunday. We are looking forward to listening to St. Olaf home concert this afternoon. Yesterday Bob thought today would be a good day for a shower and we will try to take a few more walks and maybe I can even encourage him to eat a little more. We need to be patient and remember all the blessings that are pouring down on us!

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